The Best Travel Hat Box

We’ve all been there: it’s Friday afternoon and you’re traveling in a crowded car. You get to
your destination and find that your beautiful hat, the one you JUST purchased has
been sitting under three suitcases and a baby stroller for the last half hour.
People have tried in the past to solve this issue with an assortment of bulky boxes to store
your hat, but the result was people couldn’t tell if you were moving your entire house across
the country or just transporting your hat for the weekend.
Then came the plastic cases. They were an improvement, but they were still bulky, and the
plastic would often crack, especially around the handles and hinges.

The ShayneBox.

With ShayneBox, you can transport and protect your hat in a light and durable hat-shaped
case. Made of a durable EVA material, it has no hinge that can break, and overall it’s smaller
and more compact.

The Shayne box was built with style in mind, offering a streamlined profile and a variety of
colors to choose from, including blue, orange, gold, and silver.

The Double Hat Box

The newest innovation is The Double ShayneBox, were you can fit two hats in the Shaynebox with an expansion zipper with a similar size as the single Shaynebox. When you are traveling with only one hat, you simply close the expansion zipper and use it as a single hatbox. Genius!!

A tradition of innovation

ShayneBox is brought to you by the innovators behind ShayneCoat, the innovative men’s raincoat
with a hood large enough to wear over a hat. ShayneCoat introduced a comfortable rain coat made of
waterproof polyester, adjustable clips, and a stylish appearance.

The Shaynecoat for woman addresses the main issue with woman’s raincoats, you get wet. The Shaynecoat comes with a hood and is a full length coat to keep you dry from your head to your toes.